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» 9mm Browning Long, 250 Rds.,

 9mm Browning Long, 250 Rds.,

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Auction ID: 1160
Num Views: 1096
Condition: New
NRA Grade: Factory New
Requires FFL: No
Returns: See Des.
Location: Salem, IN 47167

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All sales must be in accordance with all local, state and federal laws concealed weapon. You are responsible for any transfer fees on your end, and on my end if I have to ship through a 01 FFL firearm price. Ask any questions before you bid gun values online free. Non-corrosive, Berdan primed online gun values. I am a private individual selling off the majority of his collection to pursue other ends .44. Please know the applicable laws before you bid 1911 pistol. This is a lot of 250 rounds of 9mm Browning Long ammo. Ammunition purchase also require a copy of a state issued photo ID gun appraisal. If you are a LEO in a state that prohibits high capacity mags, but makes a exception for LEO's, you must provide a copy of your ID from the agency with which you are employed Semi-Automatic. Norma manufacture for the Swedish military gun collector. Ammunition requires a ammunition statement that states that you are of age, and not prohibited by any laws from purchasing and possessing ammunition bluebook gun values. Five 50 round boxes buy used guns. , brass cased bluebook of gun values free. Please note: Assembly of parts kits into functioning mags, without making appropriate modifications, is very likely illegal appraise firearm. 110 grs rifle. High capacity magazines will only be shipped where legal firearm. If your state prohibits High-Capacity magazines but allows certain ones to be received as parts kits, I will disassemble and ship any that are legal in your state or municipality gun model number. Firearms will be shipped to the appropriate FFL gun model. Please make sure your 01 FFL will accept shipment from a private seller Winchester.


Img ID: 23019 - 
 9mm Browning Long, 250 Rds.,

Conditions of This Auction:

  • Firearms may only be shipped to a licensed dealer (FFL Holder)
    If you are not a licensed dealer, you must make arrangements with a dealer in your state to receive the firearm and transfer it to you.
    Please see the Business Directory to find FFL Dealers willing to do transfers.

  • Your bid is a contract
    Do not bid unless you are going to buy the item.
    Contact the seller and ask questions before you place a bid.
    Get all the details sucha as return policy, inspection period, estimated shipping cost before placing any bids.
    If you are the winning bidder, you will enter into a legally binding contract to purchase the item from the seller.

  • Once buyer wins the Auction:
    WITHIN 5 DAYS of the end of the auction buyer must contact the Seller and request payment instructions.
    WITHIN 10 DAYS of the end of the auction, buyer must send full payment to the Seller,
    and ensure your FFL (if required) ends their signed copy of their Firearms License to the Seller
    If you do not complete these transactions in the prescribed timeframes, you will lose your rights as the winner of the auction,
    In this case seller may file a Non Paying Bidder report against your account.
    Non Paying Bidder report may result in suspension of your privileges to use our website.


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anyone looking for an SKS?
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