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 Gas Trap Kit M1 Garand

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Auction ID: 6736
Num Views: 344
Condition: New
NRA Grade: Factory New
Requires FFL: Yes
Returns: See Des.
Location: Mount morris, IL 61054

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75% fee firearms. This is a brand new kit for the M1 Garand 22 rifle. These GAS TRAP parts are manufactured from the original 1937-40 U 22 revolver. com or call 815-734-7346 firearm value. Government drawings .410 Bore. Each part is fully interchangeable with 1937-40 production components appraise handgun. The kit contains a gas cylinder, gas plug, front sight, front hand guard lipped ferrule, new stacking swivel and gas plug screws gun prices. S Front Sight. The barrels are marked with the manufacturers initials, the drawing number and date of manufacture Winchester. see our you tube video gun price guide. The gas cylinder, gas plug and front sights have an R stamped on them to discourage dishonest people from passing them off as originals used gun price. It is the gas trap design to fit earlier serial numbered Garands s&w. We accept major CC's for a 2 gun values book. Visit us at ratworxusa handgun. Available again after a 71 year of cessation of production! Newly manufactured fully shootable GAS TRAP front end kits for the M1 rifle sks rifle.


Img ID: 39958 - 
 Gas Trap Kit M1 Garand

Img ID: 39967 - 
 Gas Trap Kit M1 Garand

Img ID: 39966 - 
 Gas Trap Kit M1 Garand

Img ID: 39965 - 
 Gas Trap Kit M1 Garand

Img ID: 39964 - 
 Gas Trap Kit M1 Garand

Img ID: 39963 - 
 Gas Trap Kit M1 Garand

Img ID: 39962 - 
 Gas Trap Kit M1 Garand

Img ID: 39961 - 
 Gas Trap Kit M1 Garand

Img ID: 39960 - 
 Gas Trap Kit M1 Garand

Img ID: 39959 - 
 Gas Trap Kit M1 Garand

Img ID: 39968 - 
 Gas Trap Kit M1 Garand

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