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» Gun For Sale: Swiss M.1871 Vetterli "Stutzer"(Cantonal Markings)

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Condition: Used
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Location: Fredericksburg, VA 22404

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Guns For Sale Firearms Antique Antiques & Pre-1899
Original finish on wood used guns sale. The rifle was made by MW, and is accordingly marked on the left side of the receiver gun pricing guide. Some blue is turning to brown patina .410 Bore. 85% of original blue finish is still present on metal online gun values. This type of rifle was issued to Swiss sharpshooters (snipers) and can be distinguished by a double set trigger (please, see pictures) used firearm. S Gauge. The Swiss Cross is stamped just above the maker's markings gun values. Action works fine Gauge. Personal checks will be held for 12 days or until cleared by the bank combination guns. , actual shipping charges overseas derringer. Swiss style buttplate and rear sight rifle pricing. The cantonal markings are stamped on the octagonal part of the barrel, "CL in an oval" (Canton Luzern?) rifle values. (arc_0559) 22 pistol. Very scarce Swiss Vetterli M sks rifle. 1871 "Stutzer" rifle gun worth. Caliber: 10 gun pricing guide. CONDITION: Fine carbine. All the internal parts of the rifle are in excellent condition, with no visible wear Shot Capacity. Schweizerische Ordonnanz 1817 bis 1975" , pp used guns for sale. All the markings and numbers are clearly visible on the metal 22 rifle. (Ref gun models. Very scarce Swiss Vetterli Stutzer! Serial# 45XX used guns for sale. Interesting early military rifle with a high capacity tubular magazine under the barrel (10+1 rounds) 22 revolver. There are no serial numbers stamped on all the remaining parts of the rifle, which is correct for this model (and this maker!) revolver price. Complete with original cleaning rod firearm appraisal. Shipping is $30 in the continental U 9mm pistol. Double set trigger works fine 12GA. 4 x 38R, Centerfire colt revolver. Excellent bore with strong and shiny rifling shotgun prices. 49) used shotgun for sale. Very high quality of machining and metal finish firearm prices. 84-85, also in "Die Repetiergewehre der Schweiz" , p gun laws. The stock displays several small Swiss proof marks .410 Bore. The forestock has original factory checkering bluebook gun values online. All the serial numbers are original and they were not restamped gun values online free. The right side of the buttstock displays a Swiss cross over a shield with a letter "O" inside gun model name. Some parts are stamped with assembly numbers that should not be confused with the serial numbers Caliber. "Hand- und Faustfeuerwaffen gun collector. The upper part of the buttstock displays following markings near the buttplate, "D4, Swiss Cross, CI" (in the rectangular) derringer. The bolt was converted to fire centerfire cartridges .357. All matching serial numbers (the matching serial numbers are stamped on receiver, barrel, bolt, rear sights and on magazine lifter) firearm value. For more information and additional pictures, please visit our web site rifle collector. Nice stocks with some handling marks and dings appraise handgun.


Img ID: 7640065 - 
 Swiss M.1871 Vetterli

Img ID: 7640068 - 
 Swiss M.1871 Vetterli

Img ID: 7640066 - 
 Swiss M.1871 Vetterli

Img ID: 7640067 - 
 Swiss M.1871 Vetterli

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08-23-14 04:00am MSK
Why isn't the glock30 listed? from what I can tell, all glocks are listed except the 30.
08-06-14 08:59pm MSK
I'm looking for some m.81 ammo or something close that may work safely.
07-16-14 12:38am MSK
anyone know of a good mag for the mod.pjk-9hp
07-07-14 11:27pm MSK
What is a model 11-48 Remington 12 gage shotgun worth in good condition?
06-14-14 03:50pm MSK
im looking for an Alexander Arms 50 beowulf upper with magazine
06-08-14 07:30pm MSK
Looking for good used Bakial 20ga with 28 inch barrels-3inch-shoot steel
06-06-14 11:08am MSK
What is the value of a Metro Arms American Classic II .45 ACP . Hard Chrome finish ?
05-28-14 06:07am MSK
I am looking for a Heritage 45 colt with 7.5 barrel. Would like a Nickel or Case Hardened finish
05-28-14 05:42am MSK
how can I get a gun value for a shotgun that I cant find out anything about
05-22-14 09:38pm MSK
can anyone give me the value of an M&P 40 cal. Smith & Wesson in good to excellent condition? thanks
05-16-14 09:42pm MSK
tryin to get rid of a sten mk3 9mm machine gun from ww2
05-16-14 09:40pm MSK
i know someone that has a sten mk3 9mm machine gun he is tryin to get rid of it how much does this gun cost
05-15-14 05:39am MSK
punch1940 I am trying to establish a value for my Ithaca Hammerless Double barreled shot gun.I cannot find a model number, but based on the serial number of 322883 it was made before 1925.Its 20 guage with a 26" barrel.It has some etching on it.
05-14-14 07:34pm MSK
Made in west Germany. Model number - CR14426
05-14-14 07:33pm MSK
Need help in pricing my 1977 colt sauer 300 bolt action grand african rifle excellent condition
05-14-14 06:47am MSK
Can anyone give me some info and est. value of the following: H&K Model HK4 made in Germany but marked for Harrington and Richardson 1871 - 1971 Anniversary. Two barrels .22 and 9mm Kurz (.380) and 1 mag each. Nice and in Box.
05-14-14 01:56am MSK
Can anyone tell me the value of a Flite King Bush Model k1200 in good conddition of a Howa 1500 300 Winmag in like new condition with Realtree stock. Thanks for your help.
05-09-14 12:29am MSK
Does anyone know where I can find a value on a Meriden 22 short/long or long rifle with an octagon barrel? manu in 1912
05-02-14 01:00am MSK
looking for a marlin 60
05-01-14 07:03am MSK
Auction ID: 14408 looking for info on this
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