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» Gun For Sale: Ethan & Allen by Hoppes - Pepper Box Black Powder

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Guns For Sale Firearms Antique Black Powder & Muzzle Loading

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Auction ID: 1803470
Num Views: 0
Condition: Used
NRA Grade: Factory New
Requires FFL: No
Returns: See Des.
Location: Limington, ME 04049

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Guns For Sale Firearms Antique Black Powder & Muzzle Loading
I have been told this is how it is supposed to work and is normal Winchester. Only Personal Check, Bank Check, or Money Order AK. After 14 days your item will be relisted and negative feedback will be posted Semi-Automatic. By bidding you agree to do this with all guns purchased from us Gauge. PayPal? We do not accept PayPal revolver holsters. Thanks for looking! Answers to Common Questions Trades? All trade offers are entertained, but please understand that I am doing this to provide for my family and need to make a profit on each sale used rifle price. It is the buyers responsibility to contact their receiving FFL and to provide a copy of their FFL license to Free State Arms used guns for sale. PayPal is Anti-Gun so we are Anti-PayPal Caliber. Terms and Conditions Firearms shipped to C&R FFLs will be charged a $25 fee to cover extra costs due to Fedex shipping requirements rifle worth. Items offered with an inspection period must be returned in the exact same, unfired condition, as they were sent best sniper rifle. Insurance if desired will be extra Caliber. I am too small of a business to give away the profits just because you don't want to pay for your item's shipping costs Shot Capacity. Please make sure your Gun listed email account is correct Semi-Auto. The cylinder does not turn to the next chamber when the hammer is cocked and must be rotated manually firearm specifications. No shipping nor any fees will be refunded on returns gun worth. This early revolving pistol is a very neat design with elongated cylinders that also act as the barrels rather than a short cylinder and a single long barrel like traditional revolver designs .308. All Layaways require a minimum of 20% down bluebook gun values. Copyright© Free State Arms 2011 - All pictures and logos in this auction are the property of Free State Arms and may not be used without written consent pistol grips. If an item is returned because you cannot take posession of it, you will be charged a 25% restocking fee plus Gun Fees revolver holsters. com Ethan & Allen by Hoppe's - Pepper Box Black Powder Here is a Ethan & Allen Pepper Box made by Hoppe's appraise revolver. Welcome to Free State Arms Auctions on Gun collectors. Most of my guns have not been fired by me .308. Free State Arms recommends that all used firearms be checked by a knowledgeable gunsmith prior to shooting firearm. Payment and FFL should be sent in a timely manner bluebook of gun values free. This is unfired online gun values. I just don't have time or ammo to shoot them all bullets. I will email you after the auction with all necessary info to complete your purchase rifle collector. Black powder only, and can be shipped direct with proof of age and residency firearms. It is your responsibility as the buyer to make sure you are bidding on something you can legally own in your area used guns sale. If you fail to complete payment all funds paid will be refunded less the original 20% type of firearm. Shipping fee covers, packing materials, travel time, and actual shipping cost book gun values. I could be wrong, but I do not inflate prices gun models. Free Shipping? "Free Shipping" means I pay it out of profits 22 pistol. Credit card? We do not accept credit cards firearm price. So please do not expect to get full retail value for your trade used gun. Offers? Offers are also entertained, but understand that I price these items at what I think their value is sks rifle. Layaway? We have a 30 day, no interest, no fee, layaway program gun values. 60 and 90 day are available with 4% and 8% fees respectively Front Sight. By bidding you agree to all of these Terms and Conditions type of firearm. I am not familiar enough with these to know how they work superposed.


Img ID: 8077160 - 
 Ethan & Allen by Hoppes - Pepper Box Black Powder

Img ID: 8077162 - 
 Ethan & Allen by Hoppes - Pepper Box Black Powder

Img ID: 8077161 - 
 Ethan & Allen by Hoppes - Pepper Box Black Powder

Conditions of This Auction:

  • Firearms may only be shipped to a licensed dealer (FFL Holder)
    If you are not a licensed dealer, you must make arrangements with a dealer in your state to receive the firearm and transfer it to you.
    Please see the Business Directory to find FFL Dealers willing to do transfers.

  • Your bid is a contract
    Do not bid unless you are going to buy the item.
    Contact the seller and ask questions before you place a bid.
    Get all the details sucha as return policy, inspection period, estimated shipping cost before placing any bids.
    If you are the winning bidder, you will enter into a legally binding contract to purchase the item from the seller.

  • Once buyer wins the Auction:
    WITHIN 5 DAYS of the end of the auction buyer must contact the Seller and request payment instructions.
    WITHIN 10 DAYS of the end of the auction, buyer must send full payment to the Seller,
    and ensure your FFL (if required) ends their signed copy of their Firearms License to the Seller
    If you do not complete these transactions in the prescribed timeframes, you will lose your rights as the winner of the auction,
    In this case seller may file a Non Paying Bidder report against your account.
    Non Paying Bidder report may result in suspension of your privileges to use our website.


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04-18-15 12:43am MSK
custom built 30-06 with mauser action what make is the rifle,next what year is it next would be is the barrel shot out
03-26-15 09:16pm MSK
03-26-15 09:16pm MSK
anyone looking for the marlin 39th century 100 year edition from 1970??
Charles Ross
03-19-15 03:49am MSK
you would think with with all the people on this site I might of had a response to my post anyone on here that could help me thank you
03-18-15 08:01pm MSK
I have very good chance to buy a .25 cal pearl handle gun ... how much do I offer
03-16-15 05:38am MSK
ithaca 1911a1 hp price range????????
03-16-15 01:17am MSK
value of a winchester model 1400 16 guage 26 inch barrel
03-15-15 09:19pm MSK
Value of a M1903 Springfield bolt action. On rifle, says made in 1923.
03-12-15 05:58pm MSK
value of mod.90 winchester fair flip up peep sight
03-10-15 01:56am MSK
anyone know how much a custom built 30-06 with mauser action worth
03-07-15 01:15am MSK
looking to find value of my beretta AL-390. wild turkey gun of the year 1999
03-06-15 09:17pm MSK
Still looking for that Colt Golden Spike 22 !!
03-01-15 07:39am MSK
Looking for Excam BTA 90 Early Mfg. 9mm Barrel 3.5" long
02-23-15 07:55am MSK
Looking for schultz & larsen m69
02-20-15 02:13pm MSK
Looking for a 88mm intert projectile if you have one for sale let me know
02-15-15 02:25am MSK
in Calif. True or false?
02-15-15 02:23am MSK
I'd like to know if it is legal to get a replica of the Remington 1866 Over/under derringer in .38 Spl. or .38 S&W for side matches at SASS matches, as I've seen themused in SASS events in Calif. in the past, but heard that they are now banned in C
02-15-15 02:15am MSK
I'm looking for a replica by Pietta of the Colt 1860 Army .44 percussion blackpowder revolver: and a Pietta replica of the brass-frame Spiller & Burr .36 percussion revolver: and a 12 ga. double hammer 20" Coach Gun for SASS/cowboy action shooting.
02-13-15 05:25am MSK
Someone check my post on threads and see if someone can give me an accurate price of my gun please.
02-11-15 11:03pm MSK
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