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Auction ID: 1831029
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Condition: Used
NRA Grade: Factory New
Requires FFL: Yes
Returns: See Des.
Location: Fredericksburg, VA 22404

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Guns For Sale Firearms Antique Antiques & Pre-1899
Simple, non-adjustable rear and front sights .45. The silver plates displays elaborate niello decorations used firearm. Caliber: 13 mm firearm value. 22) bluebook gun values. Bulbous flared muzzle used rifle for sale. "A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor", by George Cameron Stone , p appraise gun. (Ref Front Sight. Overall length: 62 inch amunition. George Stone calls it, "Kabyle gun" used gun values. The snaphance lock is rather plain firearm worth. , actual shipping cost overseas rifle price. Complete with original iron ramrod database of used gun values. Some wear to the front part of the stock along the barrel lines revolver. A very nice example of the seldom encountered musket for a collector of Islamic firearms free online gun values. CONDITION: Overall, the musket is in fine condition AK. This is certainly the most lavishly decorated weapon carried by the Moroccan tribesmen gun laws. Very nice, elaborately silver - decorated North African musket with snaphance style lock from the turn of 18/19th century rifle. The musket is in original condition with no repairs amunition. S shotgun values. Some scattered light patina is also visible on the barrel and the steel parts of the buttstock gun values book. Thirteen silver barrel bands decorated in floral motifs firearm pricing. This type of musket is characteristic for Morocco appraise revolver. The stock is free of cracks Barrel. The butt stock is completely covered with silver plates, mesh and silver studs shotgun values. Personal checks will be held for 12 days or until cleared by the bank firearm appraisal. The musket was at one time a part of the Anthony C appraise firearm. Maghrib to Moghul" Barrel. The lock is well preserved, with only occasional light patina firearm appraisal. Maghrib to Moghul", by Anthony C rifle price. 5 inch ammunition. The trigger guard displays a nice silver niello decorative motifs bluebook gun values. Barrel length: 48 used gun. Tirri's collection, an author of "Islamic Weapons 38 revolver. For more information and additional pictures, please visit our web site firearm price. The left side of the back of the barrel displays two marker's marks (please, see pictures) Semi-Auto. Antony Tirry describes the musket as, "Taouzilt form of Moroccan Mukahla", of the style indigenous to Ras el Qued in the high valley of the Sous Mountains used gun values. Shipping is $65 in the continental U used gun price. Tirri, p firearm. (arf_0042) hunting rifle. Conventional butt stock design bullets. The high quality workmanship of Taouzilts is attributed to the descendants of Jews expelled from Spain gun price guide. 257, also in "Islamic Weapons amunition. The snaphance style lock works fine .44. Half-round, half octagonal barrel Remington.


Img ID: 12666653 - Silver Moroccan Mukahla Snaphance Gun

Img ID: 12666656 - Silver Moroccan Mukahla Snaphance Gun

Img ID: 12666655 - Silver Moroccan Mukahla Snaphance Gun

Img ID: 12666654 - Silver Moroccan Mukahla Snaphance Gun

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Gayle davis
09-21-15 09:42pm MSK
I am totally confused about how to use this web site.
09-14-15 08:07pm MSK
I'mlooking for value of a commemorative Marlin 336/XLR with NRA run limit number on it, any ideas?
09-11-15 07:15am MSK
Looking for winchester 1300 camp defender also looking for winchester 3030 ranger
09-07-15 11:11pm MSK
Value of a marlin 444s in good condition
08-27-15 03:54pm MSK
looking for a nice clean smith and wesson model 650
jimmy young
08-24-15 05:47am MSK
I have a colt 45 LC new service anyone tell me about it and value may be 1907
08-18-15 11:42pm MSK
I meant S&W 629 not 692!!!!
08-18-15 11:41pm MSK
Looking for S&W 692 Classic DX or Power Port with 6-1/2" full lug barrel-trc427
08-18-15 08:38pm MSK
Looking for a K32 model 16 combat masterpiece any condition
08-18-15 07:58pm MSK
does anyone know where to find a clip for a kbi feg mark II AP 22
07-28-15 01:34am MSK
looking for a value on an extremely rare Ithaca 37, Los Angeles 200th Anniversary Commemorative model. This gun is brand spanking new, in its original hard leather case with long ans short barrels. Also has an inlay in the Stock af an LAPD badge
07-27-15 06:53am MSK
Sorry I meant to say Kimber not Number
07-27-15 06:51am MSK
I have an ATI officers model 7 1, good entry level 1911. The factory mag is crap though so I would recommend replacing with Wilson Combat. Some people also recommend swapping out recoil spring & rod for Number. Not bad for the money
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