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» GOLDEN EAGLE, Rifle by Eagle Arms, Inc.

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Model Specs:

Caliber: .223 Remington (.223 AI)
Barrel Length: 20"
Action: Semi-Auto
Barrel Features: Heavy

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04-27-16 03:09am MSK
pro's and con's of a rossi moel 68, I have a freind selling one
Merrill Batten
04-26-16 06:11pm MSK
Merrill Batten Hi guys, I have a nylon 66 that I am trying to sell and i need a comparison price to go by.
03-02-16 03:18am MSK
Looking for rpd
02-22-16 03:40pm MSK
to administrator-why so few Beretta Shotgun listd?
02-19-16 09:32pm MSK
CG from Cabelas has $1k chemical damages on top of receiver. One gunsmith said hand acid could accout for it. How to refinish. CG wants to sent to Italy and will not diassemble, color is case color not harden. ant coments on value $2850 if 90%.
02-19-16 09:29pm MSK
Caesar Grerini chemical damages help
02-08-16 04:45am MSK
01-08-16 06:31pm MSK
Have a colt 45 MK IV officers acp/ personalized serial #Bob Joseph-1. In box not used
01-08-16 06:28pm MSK
Would like to set a value on a colt 45 MK IV, officers acp with a personalized serial number Bob Joseph-1.
01-04-16 09:48pm MSK
Hi, Wanting to get value on a S&W 625-5 45LC NIB, Ser # starts with "SDS" Thanks
12-30-15 07:55pm MSK
Hi, attempting to find the value of my Springfield Garand M1. The ser.# shows that it was manufactured in March of 1945. It is a .30 caliber. I don't know which to choose in the listings. There are 2 Springfield listings and a total of 2 possible.
12-30-15 04:47pm MSK
hey guys new to the site my dad died earley this summer and i found a stevens walnut hill in the closet and i was wondering if any one knew a value on the gun?
12-30-15 03:55am MSK
any One no the value of a colt 357 ctg trooper mk3 5" barrel
12-23-15 07:34pm MSK
am looking for an appraisal for a Colt python 38 special high polish bue , never been fires still in the box. Any takers for a price?
12-22-15 01:53am MSK
Can anyone give me an estimated value on this? (Year; 1886) (Brand; Marlin) (Model #; 28) (Type; 12 gauge pump)
12-12-15 08:23pm MSK
I have a h&R 16 ga hammerless never been fired. Any idea on value?
11-08-15 05:21pm MSK
I have a 12 Ga. with model marked as 500A. I do not see it listed here. DOes anyone know owhich one I should use for comparison?
10-30-15 07:49pm MSK
does a WWII colt .45 1911 A1 have serial numbers? my son received a gun from his mother that was his great grandfathers WWII side arm and we cannot find a serial number
10-27-15 08:58pm MSK
Hi guys new to this site. Looking to find a value on a S&W 38 sp mfg. 1948 to 1951. Can anyone direct me to where I could find this info. Thanks Larry
10-20-15 06:34pm MSK
I have a 16 ga H&R hammerless in excellent condition I got from the gentleman that worked at H&R and made it for himself. Looking for its value
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