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Contact Name:Fuhr, Roger Roland
Company Name:Roland Photography
Business Type: FFL Transfer & FFL Transfer
Phone 1:(805) 341 - 1566
Address:2245 Tapo St #310
Simi Valley
CA, 93063
FFL Fee:$0.00
Created by User: n/a
Description: 9|77|111|01|0K|38211|FUHR, ROGER ROLAND|ROLAND PHOTOGRAPHY|2245 TAPO ST #310|SIMI VALLEY|CA|93063|2245 TAPO ST #310|SIMI VALLEY|CA|93063|8053411566|

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12-10-17 05:09am MSK
Who's interested in a is Springfield 1873 trapdoor single shot rifle ? Only 73,000 made
11-21-17 06:19pm MSK
looking for a remington 870 shell latch staking tool, any out there
11-15-17 08:06pm MSK
Trying to find value of automag lll 30 cal Carbine new old stock never fired
11-10-17 05:07am MSK
1953: X77701 %u2013 X99999 Browing Sweet Sixteen Value?
11-05-17 10:25pm MSK
trying to find value of winchester model 12 12gauge nickelsteel mod. choke serial#349810
11-05-17 08:39am MSK
I have a Pietro Beretta silverhawk 16 and 20 guage side by side shotguns. What are they worth?
10-26-17 10:18pm MSK
SCOPE ??? Case for SCOPE ??? or-- just a bare bones rifle - w/no accessories..??
10-26-17 10:05pm MSK
Building another M21 for ... shall we say...sand use... I need a trigger housing -- M14..maker not important.. Thought I had one..?? Were 4 garand housings.. :-(
10-11-17 05:50am MSK
Hi I need some advice on the value of my HK USP 40 compact. I am thinking about selling it but I%u2019m not sure of the value. It%u2019s the OD green model.
10-01-17 05:27pm MSK
I have a Remington 870 Express Magnum Pump Action Shotgun 12ga that I need to know the value on. Anybody know about this?
09-02-17 08:49pm MSK
I have a WW2 9 MM pistol from FABRIQUE NATIONALE ARMS,it has DEGUERRE on the barrel! It also has a hammer on it, it also has a hammer on it. Is there any value to it ?
09-02-17 08:35pm MSK
Value of PMm pistol from FABRIQUE NATIONALE ARMES DEGUERRE on barrel with a hammer
joseph agius
07-30-17 08:48pm MSK
joseph, can enyone tell me the perazzi shotgun competition 1 with drop out trigger is an mx8
07-15-17 02:55am MSK
looking of left hand browning bar
Curtis Chambers
06-30-17 10:07pm MSK
Sorry I'm new
Curtis Chambers
06-30-17 10:07pm MSK
Sorry I'm new
Curtis Chambers
06-30-17 10:07pm MSK
The 30cal. M1 carbine, is the best gun I've ever owned
Curtis Chambers
06-30-17 10:05pm MSK
I have a type 99 arisaka Japanese sniper rifle, can anyone tell me what it's worth? And yes all imprints are visible and intacked. My gunsmith told me not to shoot it, but could not give me a estimate.
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